How Much Do Russian Tortoises Cost?

Quick Answer

$400-800 for a Russian tortoise and all necessary equipment.

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Price breakdown:

Ever wondered what it would be like to buy a Russian Tortoise?

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With this guide to purchasing and caring for a Russian tortoise, we have all of the answers that you need. When shopping around for a Russian tortoise one must consider much more than one small flat rate. While the cost of this majestic creature is relatively inexpensive, the cost of maintaining your tortoise and the habitat in which you intend to build for is something to consider. Fortunately for us all, there are plenty of resources available for those who wish to make a home for this gentle creature, so without further adieu, let’s explore the actual costs behind buying a Russian tortoise.

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Initial Purchase

How Much Do Russian Tortoises Cost?When looking to buy a Russian tortoise, you can expect to find yourself to be a pretty happy camper when looking at the initial starting prices. Prices tend to hover around the 80-200 mark for a Russian tortoise. When comparing local reptile breeders to other nationwide franchises the pricing of a Russian tortoise can vary, though, so it’s wise to look around before committing.

The widespread fluctuations in price have a lot to do with the kind of tortoise that you choose to invest in, the location it stems from, and the way the tortoise has been bred can result in huge differences in price. When shopping around, a big leap in price is attributed to the way it is raised when in captivity. When considering your purchase, it is important to know whether you want a captive bred tortoise or not as this can have an astronomical impact on pricing. Purchasing a captive bred tortoise is a good choice for anyone who already owns a turtle or tortoise and is thinking of getting another.

When observing the pricing, it is also important to consider how the tortoise was cared for before you purchased it. The difference in care is the pivotal factor as this has had an impact on your pet’s happiness. The difference between the large chain retailers and local business, in regards to this aspect, is incredibly polarizing. As is common with most chains, their main focal point solely relies on profit and not much else. So with this in mind, it always pays to go for small and localized businesses as they’re almost guaranteed to be much more attentive with your tortoise.

Housing Costs

When building a home that suits your happy tortoise, it is important to ensure that all the conditions are more than fitting for your new reptile friend. This prospect of tortoise ownership is something that cannot be overlooked as it can have fatal repercussions if not taken seriously. When finding appropriate housing for this tortoise, it is important to make it’s indoor enclosure a minimum size of 36”x 12″ while ensuring that conditions remain dry and have plenty of shade. The pricing for an enclosure of this approximate size will set you back around $200 when add-ons such as lights are considered.

With Russian tortoises, it’s always beneficial to allow them to roam outside throughout summer, however, if that’s not possible than options for outdoor enclosures are always available. Ensuring that the minimum size for the tortoise’s enclosure is 48” x 48”, your tortoise will be able to roam around happily when outdoors.

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A Russian tortoise’s food expenses are relatively inexpensive. With supplies available from practically all nation-wide and local pet stores, the health and nutrition of your Russian tortoise is easy to maintain. When purchasing food for your tortoise, it would be wise to buy in bulk, as it will save you some money in the long run. Though it may seem excessive, it will be worth it in the long run. When finding natural things to feed your new tortoise, it’s best to stick with flowers and weeds. Feeding your tortoise anything other than select flora and designated pet food can result in potentially damaging your tortoise’s insides.

Veterinarian Costs

You should perform a check-up on your tortoise when you purchase your tortoise. Checkups should be done so any issues can be determined early on, thus ensuring it’s health. The standard cost for a check-up of a Russian tortoise typically costs $30, though this varies amongst difference locations. Annual check-ups are recommended, to prevent any health complications.