Recommend Books on Russian Tortoise Care

With so many great books regarding Russian Tortoise care, finding the right one can feel quite overwhelming! 

Many people go into this sort of pet ownership without a great deal of information. It’s a good idea to research animal behavior before getting any pets at all, but it’s even more important with certain animals as opposed to others.

Dogs and cats are popular enough that a lot of people are already going to know how to take care of them in advance in many cases. People often acclimate to taking care of their fellow mammals fairly easily as well. However, taking care of reptiles is not always going to be as intuitive, and so it is a good idea for people to be able to do some more substantial research with them. Many of the books on Russian tortoise care can help.

Continue reading to find out more about our favorite Russian Tortoise care books and guides.



Horsefield Care Made Easy (HCME)

Our #1 best recommendation is a guide called Horsefield Care Made Easy (HCME). “Horsefield” is another commonly used name for the Russian tortoise so it is the exact same.
Here is what’s included in the guide:

  • Module 1: Buying
  • Module 2: Housing
  • Module 3: Food & Diet
  • Module 4: Breeding
  • Module 5: Hibernation
  • Module 6: Health

It is a digitally downloadable and is offered in either a

  • Text ebook format
  • Video + MP3 audio +  text ebook


Russian Tortoises as Pets

Russian Tortoises as Pets Paperback bookThis is a book written by someone who has a lot of experience with pets, and it shows. The author has insider knowledge, and frames the book from the perspective of someone who is personally dealing with a Russian tortoise and who has personally dealt with a Russian tortoise for a long time. This book has plenty of personal background and family anecdotes. However, there is a great deal of practical information as well concerning everything from feeding, breeding, heating, and generally caring for tortoises to information on where to buy them. The personal information adds entertainment value, and the facts about Russian tortoises should make a book like this truly useful.

Link: Russian Tortoises as Pets Book

Russian Tortoises (Complete Herp Care)

Books like these can access a wide range of readers in spite of the fact that they were written by experts. This is a book that has a great deal of information related to topics that include health care, housing, breeding, and diet for Russian tortoises. There are lots of important pieces of information here, and it is going to be easy for people to be able to get started with their Russian tortoises if it’s just the beginning. Of course, this is a book that should be just as valuable for the people who are experienced with their Russian tortoises and who just want some additional tips.

Link: Russian Tortoises (Complete Herp Care) Book

Russian Tortoises in Captivity

This book contains a lot of important information related to tortoise care in general. People who are new to caring for tortoises are going to be able to get a lot of useful facts out of it. However, this is a book that is particularly useful for the people who are interested in breeding tortoises. This can make a huge difference for them when it comes to raising tortoises. This book also has a lot of information on many different types of tortoises and not just Russian tortoises, and this should make a difference for the people who are trying to be more well-rounded.

Link: Russian Tortoises in Captivity Book

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Tortoises: A Comprehensive Guide to Russian Tortoises, Leopard Tortoises, and more (Complete Herp Care)

Tortoises: A Comprehensive Guide Paperback BookFew books are going to make people feel like experts quite like this one. This is a book that can help people learn about fifteen different species of tortoises, and people will learn how to breed them and care for them. This book was written by a tortoise breeder, which means that people will be approaching the subject from a place of knowledge when they actually want to apply what they have learned. There are lots of topics related to the care of tortoises, and people can learn about all of them using this book.

Link: Tortoises: A Comprehensive Guide Book

Popular Tortoises – Newly Updated – Includes – Leopard Tortoise; African Spurred Tortoise; Red-footed Tortoise; Russian; Pancake

Popular Tortoises - Newly Updated Paperback BookThis is a book that covers a lot of different types of tortoises, including some of the more obscure tortoises that are out there today. People can certainly learn all about the caring of tortoises in general, but they will also be able to learn about the more specific tortoises that might not get as much attention in the media as some others.

Link: Popular Tortoises Book


Tortoise care is going to be easier for the people who have consulted professional books on the subject. This isn’t the sort of thing that people should just leave to Internet research. Whether they are interested in specific or generic guides, there are lots of great works out there today.