Pampering My Tortoise With A Mattress? Well, Kind Of…

Yes, the title of this post is not a joke, and I am not bluffing...

This past weekend, I was looking for ways to spend the new bonus that I got at my job, and jokingly my friend recommended that I pamper my tortoise.

upside down tortoise

Yes, it's true that I talk about my tortoise a bit too much around my friends (isn't it weird if I didn't?

I consider my tortoise to be one of my greatest friends.. anyway..) and it's reasonable that they suggest this.

I initially took it as a joke, since I have purchased my tortoise everything that he needs, but I quickly realized that I am only able to pamper my tortoise while we are both awake.

Obviously I didn't want to sleep with my tortoise and risk him being squashed (I toss and turn more than I am willing to admit!) so I bought him a Casper mattress.

OK. Maybe I didn't buy him a Casper mattress, but I definitely thought about it. After seeing the ads on the subway station on my route back home from work, the idea did register in my mind, and while I initially dismissed it, I became curious and decided to read online reviews of the Casper mattress waiting for my next stop on the train.