The top 2 Best Russian Tortoise Enclosures

People who are new to the ownership of Russian tortoises should know that these animals really do require special enclosures. People cannot store them just anywhere.

Russian tortoises have specialized needs and they should live out their relatively long lives in the enclosures that were specifically designed for them.

Continue reading down below to find out more about the best enclosures for Russian Tortoises.

#1. Penn Plax Tortoise Palace

Penn Plax Tortoise Palace with Wire TopThis enclosure is actually good for a wide range of different tortoise species, including Greek and Russian tortoises, which should give people an idea about its quality. Its composite materials are moisture resistant enough that it is possible for people to be able to avoid many of the common hazards involved with tortoise enclosures. People will be able to maintain the necessary environmental conditions for their Russian tortoises very effectively with thePenn Plax Tortoise Palace with Wire Top, Black Frame and Glass Terrarium.

ThePenn Plax Tortoise Palace with Wire Top, Black Frame and Glass Terrarium weighs in at over seventy pounds, so people can rest assured that this is one of the most solid enclosures that people are going to find on the market these days. This enclosure does not come with the lamp, but people are going to manage to easily get all of the equipment that they need for it one way or another anyway. The enclosure has all of the pieces that people are ever going to need, and it should be relatively easy for them to put everything together. The smaller Russian tortoises are not going to have a hard time staying occupied in an enclosure like this, and it should be big enough even for the big ones.

#2. Zoo Med Wood Tortoise House

Zoo Med Wood Tortoise HouseContrary to popular belief, many animals fee vulnerable and exposed in the typical cages and enclosures on the market. It is often difficult for them to feel as if they are safe from predators, since they don’t really understand the concept of enclosures or cages. Mice, for instance, produce more stress hormones when they are kept in certain cages that seem open to them, even if the cages are technically closed.

With theZoo Med Wood Tortoise House, Russian tortoises get to benefit from wooden siding that manages to impart much more security. The sleeping area of this enclosure also manages to be weather-proof, so the Russian tortoises are not going to have to deal with any of the outside environment changes that can disturb their safety and security. However, since theZoo Med Wood Tortoise House is the perfect enclosure for people to use in an outdoor environment, Russian tortoises will be able to experience natural sunlight in a way that they never would indoors, and reptiles really love all of that. This is a good environment for them.

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BONUS: Tortoise Enclosure Stand

Pennplax Tortoise Palace Stand AquariumRussian tortoises are really going to be happy in an environment like this one. Owners will love it as well, since this is a habitat that is going to be much easier to clean than many of the similar versions on the market today. It is a comfortable and luxurious setup for all Russian tortoises, the old and the young. Other reptiles, including snakes, have managed to find happiness here, demonstrating the structure’s versatility.

The moisture resistant materials should really help owners maintain this structure for their animals. They will be able to set the right environmental conditions for their tortoises in the first place, and they will be able to hold onto them just as easily. Finding the best enclosure is difficult, but it is possible for people to find good candidates for their animals. For the complete list of Russian tortoise information return to the homepage.