Is The Russian Tortoise Right For Me?

If you’re looking to purchase a Russian Tortoise, there are quite a few things to consider when determining whether or not it is the right pet choice for you. 

Alongside the necessary costs (such as housing, food, accessories, etc.), the mentality and temperament of your pet are also things that should be taken into account. When wondering whether a Russian tortoise is right for you, the owner needs to know if your pet’s lifestyle matches yours. Thankfully, this guide is here to help.

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The Experience – Owning a Russian Tortoise

baby russian in the palm of a hand!Owning a Russian tortoise is an enjoyable experience for most new and seasoned reptile owners. The Russian tortoise is going to be the best roommate you’ve ever had. The Russian tortoise is always welcoming, incredibly low maintenance and irresistibly cute. With its naturally adventurous nature and its ability to adapt to indoor and outdoor living, this pet is one that adjusts well to house living.

The Fun Stuff

This tortoise’s vibrancy is bound to make any household feel that much brighter. Some actions that many owners tend to relish over are the Russian tortoises Instant recognition of their owners. Because of this sharp memory, don’t be surprised to find your pet running toward you while cheekily demanding shell rubs or a quick little snack when you come home from work.

The Russian tortoise is a breed of tortoise that is immensely popular because of its positive reception to being held in captivity. This low maintenance reptile enjoys exploring new environments and is always happy to welcome its owners. The fact that it is relatively small compared to other similar reptile pets makes it easy to maintain. As other reptiles can intimidate a lot of people, the Russian tortoise can be a gateway reptile for some.

Personality and Characteristics

Russian tortoise wearing costumesThe temperament of the Russian tortoise is one that is often described as amicable, vibrant and open. When owning a Russian, some reptile owners are surprised by their friendly nature. However, it is important to keep in mind that some Russian tortoises take time to get used to new environments so if they do seem a little shy, don’t be disheartened, they need to get used to and warmed up to you sometimes.


While this tortoise is relatively low maintenance, an owner still has some responsibilities to maintain when owning one. Maintenance of large-scale outdoor enclosures and indoor enclosures as the gradual costs can build up. Couple this regular food costs, and vet visits, like a tortoise’s health and nutrition cannot be compromised.


upside down russian tortoise!Though the Russian tortoise is, generally, an incredibly welcoming house pet, it does have some issues. When individuals first purchase their little tortoise, some owners do feel dissatisfied when they find the Russian tortoise acting shy and defensive.

Though this can be dissatisfying, it’s merely a temporary phase that will change once the tortoise has time to adapt. Also, the fifty-year average life span can be a negative for some who have overlooked the commitment that must be made to this animal.

Other Options

If the negatives surrounding the Russian tortoise are enough to turn you off, then it might be worth your while to explore these other options.

Hermann’s Tortoise

If the Russian tortoise isn’t appealing to you, though you’re still committed to the idea of having a tortoise as a pet then this could be your choice. Similar to the Russian tortoise, both quickly adapt to indoor enclosures due to their size though this breed prefers climates that are reminiscent of hillsides. Hermann’s tortoise is also expected to live longer than the Russian tortoise.

Corn Snake

If wanting something a bit more intimidating, then the corn snake is the pet for you. Perfect for beginner snake owners, the corn snake is an excellent animal for people who want a low-maintenance, high-impact pet. Their great demeanour and small size make them perfect for anyone itching to get a pet with a bit more bite.


If reptiles are seeming like more and more unappealing as the list goes then consider choosing a dog. Man’s best friend has earned his title due to years and years of companionship. Though these furry fellas are just as lovable and amicable as a Russian tortoise, the responsibilities are just as, if not more, prevalent.


Another option is the classic cat, which is well known for their elegance, charm and reverence. Though they’re not always warm or as loyal as other pets, their intelligence and cuteness are more than enough to keep any cat-lover content. Similarly to dogs, they require much more attention and regular maintenance to ensure happiness and health. Although they are a bit more maintenance and up keep there are things that can make it easier and automate care like an automatic cat feeder for example.


The bird is either a little or high-maintenance option depending on your ambitions and breed of bird. Though they traditionally don’t require too much medical attention, the cost of food can amount to a fair bit and cage maintenance again, depends on your commitment to the animal.


In conclusion, it’s clear to see that the Russian tortoise is an excellent animal for anybody who is willing to give reptiles a try. These little buddies are bound to warm your heart if you call one your own. Though this choice a fifty-year long big commitment and it is yours to make.